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Historic Oakland Cemetery Photo Contest - Critiques

On this page you'll find critiques from the submissions of our first photo contest - Historic Oakland Cemetery. This contest was judged by pro photographer, David Akoubian and sponsored in part by Tamron USA, Inc. The photos appear in no particular order. Below each image you will find the backstory, metadata as provided by each photographer and the critique by our judge. We'll be updating this page on a weekly basis so please check back for updates. To view the winners of this contest, click here
Angel Shade by Brian Little
Angel Shade by Brian Little 
I took this image a few years ago. I thought it was nice how the angel got shade from the tree as if the tree was protecting the child. I also liked all the color surrounding the rather mono-colored statue.
Canon Rebel, 10/4/08, F/3.5, 85mm focal length, 28-200 Quantaray, White balance - auto
Do you think the statue is under exposed? I was trying to not blow out the whites in the background.
Critique by David Akoubian
This is a neat image from a compositional standpoint. I think the statue is properly exposed as it shows good detail. I think the problem is more the background is in a different light. The light in the background is very bright and outside of the sensor’s capability of capturing detail in both the background and foreground. I would try and go back and do the image on a cloudy day when there is a lower contrast ratio of light.

Six Feet Under by Linda Lester
Six Feet Under by Linda Lester 
Actually I was thinking of the famous golfer but then saw the sign from the restaurant Six Feet Under. I just thought it added to the photo.
F14, 67.0mm, 1/8 sec used tripod, daylight white balance, 8/12/11
Critique by David Akoubian
Nice simple composition, good choice of depth of field.  The only thing I would change would be to include more of the marker and more of the sign.  It is cropped a little too tight in my opinion.  Interesting choice in processing BW.

Star Burst Monument by Olin Batchelor
Star Burst Monument by Olin Batchelor
When I saw the monument and where the Sun was relative to the monument I thought "this is a good time to try for a f22/star burst image. I kept backing up until the sum was in the correct position then started firing away in bracketing mode. I used photoshop cs4 HDR to produce this image. Five images. I captured the image I was looking for and HDR made it better.
Nikon D300, Tamron 18-270mm Lens 07-31-2011, Focal length= 18mm, Aperture priority F22, shutter speed=used bracketing mode,wb=auto,iso=320
Critique by David Akoubian
I really like the starburst on the roof of the structure. Good detail through the image with the incorporation of HDR processing. There is a slight halo effect around the structure but it would be very difficult to avoid due to the wide range of exposures needed to capture the image with detail. It has a very ancient Greek feel to the photo. 

Special thanks to our sponsor, Tamron USA, Inc.
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PRIZES for this contest were provided by Tamron USA, Inc., HDRSoft (Photomatix) and Backyard Shots.


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