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Tamron 60mm f/2 Macro Lens

with Craig Tanner by Kel Kyle

Posted: January 21st, 2012 @ 2:57am

Tamron 60mm f/2 Di-II 1:1 Macro Lens

Tamron 60mm f/2 Di-II 1:1 Macro Lens
When I asked pro photographer, Craig Tanner if he'd be interested in using the Tamron 60mm f/2 Di-II 1:1 Macro lens to shoot the Street Portraiture guide for Backyard Shots, he didn't hesitate to say yes.
Right out of the box, Craig liked the light weight of this lens and how easily the lens hood attached to it. It didn't take but a few shots to realize how incredibly sharp it was - stopping down a stop and a half to two stops, it was very impressive, Tanner said.
One of the challenges for Craig in shooting with this lens had nothing to do with Tamron but more in his style of shooting. Having shot for years with a 50mm  on his full frame DSLR (Canon 5D), he was used to being approximately 3-5 feet away from his subjects. But using the Tamron 60mm made him back up a minimum of 6-8 feet. "That's been really cool, because it forced me to see in a different way." In particular, it really helped Craig photograph Peggy,someone he has been talking to for two years about doing so. But she's been anxious about the process. By using the 60mm and backing up 8 feet, really helped Peggy  feel more relaxed. "I think it makes people more comfortable on average," Tanner said. He went on to explain that on average, for beginners and intermediate photographers, it's true, particularly if you are doing street photography and you don't really know the people, getting as close as 3 feet may get their hackles up. But standing back about 6-10 feet you are right on the edge with that focal length, leaving them just enough personal space for comfort.
MarionCraig found another benefit of Tamron's 60mm lens was the ability to take more abstract images. "It's very cool that it's a macro lens. I've shot a lot of images that were more abstract isolating the pegs on Guitar Bob's violin or Marion's flute keys. It's one of the really nice things about this lens. You can't do that with the 50mm. That was  really cool discovery for me and I can't even tell you how excited I was about it on the day I shot with it."
Another great perk about the 60mm lens is the "really nice contrast and colors. In the past, I've had to do quite a bit of color correction during post processing. The 50mm seemed to be flatter and greener. I quickly found that I wasn't doing that on the 60mm images."  Something else Tanner was able to change in his process was eliminating large jpg files. He usually shoots in RAW plus large jpg, but again due to the quality of the color and contrast, he only shoots in RAW when using this lens now. This frees up valuable space on his 16mb cards  (shooting 8fps on his Canon7D) making it easier for him to not have to carry his laptop or go back home to empty his cards in the middle of the day before going back to shooting.
"I am really enjoying this Tamron lens. Its a great addition to my lens kit for doing Street Portraits. Its sharp, very fast, light weight, focuses quickly and focuses very close. I also love the colors and contrast I get with this lens.  And yes, it has gorgeous circular bokeh. It makes perfect circles and is really soft at f/2. I've now rearranged my bag so that I'll have the Tamron 60mm available to me to use on either of my cameras (Canon 7D and  Canon 5D).  It gives me more options and it's exciting because it gives me more than one focal length." 
Canon 7D Tamron f2.0 60mm macro lens (EFL = 96mm) ISO 800
f2.5@ 1/180th handheld – natural light
Canon 7D Tamron f2.0 60mm macro lens (EFL = 96mm) ISO 1250
f2.5@ 1/250th handheld

"I shot Marion during civil twilght…about 15 minutes after sunset. I am using a battery powered strobe here….radio slaved to my Canon 7D. Its being handheld by my assistant and its 20 feet or so away from Marion turning it into a small, high contrast light source (relative to Marion). I have it turned up high enough to create specularity to accentuate the rim light effect and the mood. I could have positioned Marion on another bench where this effect was happening as a result of the existing street lamps but I didn’t wnat Marion to have to move from the spot where he normally sits to play so I used the strobe to mimic the spotlight effect that the lamps in the squares are capable of creating."
  • Model:  G005
  • Lens Construction (Groups/Elements): 10/14
  • Angle of View: 26° 35’ (APS-C size equivalent)
  • Diaphragm Blade Number: 7
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 9.1in. (0.23m)
  • Macro Magnification Ratio  1:1
  • Filter Diameter: ø55
  • Weight: 400g (14.1oz.)
  • Diameter x Length :  ø2.9 x 3.15in.
  • (ø73 x 80mm)
  • Accessory: Lens hood
  • Mounts: Canon, Nikon with Built-In Motor and Sony
$100.00 Rebate: Valid 1/1/12-4/30/12
Tamron 60mm f/2 Di-II 1:1 Macro Lens
Meta data for image of Marion's Flute: Canon 7D f2.0 60mm macro lens (EFL = 96mm) ISO 2000 f2.5@ 1/180th handheld.


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